RefWorks Workshop!


RefWorks is an online research tool that automatically manages footnotes or endnotes in any citation style, and creates properly formatted citations and bibliographies. RefWorks is a type of product known as Reference Management Software. It is freely available to all Western students, staff, and faculty.

The skinny on RefWorks is it lets you compile a list of citations from electronic articles and books so that you can instantly create references within your writing.

RefWorks saves a significant amount of time, alleviates frustration, and takes little effort to get the hang of. If you are interested in learning this valuable software (for yourself or for teaching to others), watch the playlist below (“How to Learn RefWorks in 20 Minutes”) and join CAPAL on Monday October 7 from 12:00-1:00 pm for an in-person workshop! (in room 3355 of the Somerville House, directly across from the Weldon Library).

For more information, check out the other playlists available on ProQuest’s official RefWorks YouTube video channel.


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