Fair Dealing Fair

Important Dates:

  • Draft Poster by March 14, 2014 (drafts to be reviewed)
  • Poster Fair on Tuesday April 1, 2014

Details to help you get started:

The purpose of this Fair Dealing Fair is for us to think of scenarios likely to come up in various library and information science settings that require special attention to copyright.

Using the following copyright guidelines, evaluate whether your scenario falls under any of the copyright guidelines. Here are resources:

Copyrigh @ Western Fairdealing Guidelines

University of Toronto Fair Dealing Guidelines

CAUT Guidelines for the Use of Copyrighted Material

You are not expected to become a specialist in the matter, the objective is to familiarize ourselves and explore potential applications of copyright in library settings. This is why you can include a section of the poster where you ask questions or highlight areas of the guidelines that warrant further clarification.

We encourage you to work with peers on your poster – team up with one or two more MLIS students!

You are welcome to drop in during CAPAL meetings to work on your poster or ask for clarifications. You can also email your questions at alapalme@uwo.ca.
CAPAL Meetings: Tuesdays at 4:30pm in NCB 266

Poster Format:

  • Draft poster: content for the poster (Ex: Word) or a mock up of the entire poster if you’ve had time
  • Poster Presentation: Good old cut and glue poster or computer-generated (but printed big enough to ensure readability)


  • Using various images on a virtual display
  • Scanning the cover, table of contents, and index to be posted on a website or library catalogue
  • Performance (music or theatre) where the audience pays an entrance fee
  • Scanning pages from children’s books for kids to use to re-create their own story
  • Exploring images or content that can be used for creating a webpage

Poster Example:



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