CAPAL 2015 Conference Keynotes

UWO will certainly have a great presence at the CAPAL 2015 Conference in Ottawa!  FIMS’ own Dr. Sarah Roberts will be giving one of the keynote addresses (date and time TBD).  You can find a link to her website in our blog roll.  For those of you who haven’t had Dr. Roberts as a prof, here’s her bio from CAPAL.

Sarah T. Roberts is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Information Studies (FIMS), Western University. Her current research focuses on the practice of commercial content moderation (CCM), a form of digital labor behind the scenes of the social media industry, “knowledge work” and the reconfigurations of labor and production in a Post-Industrial, globalized context. She is further interested in dissections of notions of digital information in society, and its attendant sociocultural, economic and ethical implications. At FIMS, she teaches in the MLIS program on managing and working in information organizations and leads a group of students, staff and faculty in the FIMS Gaming Club. She is a graduate of the Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS) at the University of Illinois, and completed my Master’s in Library and Information Studies at the School of Library and Information Studies (SLIS), University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Dr. Henry Giroux will be giving the other keynote address.  A link to his website can be found here, and below is the bio from CAPAL.

Henry Giroux is a renowned public intellectual and leading scholar of (higher) education, culture, and politics. He has authored and co-authored dozens of books, including, most recently, Neoliberalism’s War Against Higher Education (2014), The Violence of Organized Forgetting: Thinking Beyond America’s Disimagination Machine (2014), and Dangerous Thinking in the Age of the New Authoritarianism (forthcoming, 2015). Giroux taught high school history in Barrington, Rhode Island from 1968 to 1975. Giroux received his Doctorate from Carnegie-Mellon in 1977. He then became professor of education at Boston University from 1977 to 1983. In 1983 he became professor of education and renowned scholar in residence at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio where he also served as Director at the Center for Education and Cultural Studies. He moved to Penn State Univeristy where he took up the Waterbury Chair Professorship from 1992 to May 2004. He also served as the Director of the Waterbury Forum in Education and Cultural Studies. He moved to McMaster University in May 2004, where he currently holds the McMaster University Chair in Scholarship for the Public Interest.

Remember, the deadline for proposals is 8 December 2014!


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