Tour of LIRM

On Monday, June 20 CAPAL took a tour of Western Libraries’ Library Information Resources Management (LIRM) department.  The tour was led by two of LIRM’s librarians; Leanne Olson, Metadata Management Librarian and Samuel Cassady, Digital Information Resources Librarian.

Leanne and Samuel lead us through the different departments and LIRM as we learned the different roles they take on in Western Libraries.  We heard about serials check in and management with Judy, interlibrary loans with Mary, Mary, Sharon, Erin, and Liz, cataloging and metadata with Frank and Erin, and electronic resource management with Barb and Debbie.

We concluded our tour with a discussion of potential future directions of technical services in the academic library.

All CAPAL members who attended the tour agreed that it was a valuable look at how technical services are functioning in a modern academic library.  We want to thank Leanne and Samuel for taking the time to show us around.  We also want to thank Judy, Mary, Mary, Sharon, Erin, Liz, Frank, Erin, Barb, and Debbie for taking the time to speak with us.  IMG_0471

Tour participants from left to right: Librarian Leanne, CAPAL members Janice, Helen, Lindsay, Siu, and Librarian Samuel Cassady.  Not pictured is CAPAL member Kevin.


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