Lunch with a Librarian

Last Wednesday, July 12, CAPAL members met with 3 librarians for our mid-semester Lunch with a Librarian event:

  • Megan Anderson, Research & Curriculum Librarian @ Fanshawe College Library
  • Joanne Paterson, Head, Metadata Access @ Western Libraries
  • Melanie Mills, Library & Learning Services @ Huron University College

Over a buffet meal at the Grad Club the group talked all things academic librarianship, including conferences, beneficial courses in library school, the “non-linear path” to finding a career, and the use of social media as a librarian. The general consensus on social media use? It’s an effective means of connecting with people you might otherwise not get the chance to, but using the same account for personal and professional purposes might require a little bit of self-censorship!

Megan, Joanna, and Melanie were also willing to share their takes on the qualities that hiring committees look for in a candidate. While relevant technical skills were certainly deemed important, evidence of self-awareness, a willingness to learn, and adaptability were listed as qualities that make a candidate stand out. Useful advice, indeed!

CAPAL members would like to extend a huge thank you to Megan, Joanne, and Melanie for such a wonderfully informative afternoon! Because of our lengthy chat about social media, all three have provided us with their Twitter handles:

  • Megan Anderson: @mandersonlib
  • Joanne Paterson: @bibliojo
  • Melanie Mills: @msmelmills

Our group is now looking forward to our next event, a chat with Jenny Foley—recent FIMS-grad and Learning and Curriculum Support Librarian for Brescia University College.

[This post was written by our lovely Newspaper Editor, Emily Carlisle]


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