– -About The Collective Agreement Collection


This collection is developed and maintained by the UWO Student Chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Academic Librarians (CAPAL). The goal for the collection is to contain all current collective agreements that govern the labour of librarians working in post-secondary institutions in Canada.


While this collection is designed for members of the UWO Student Chapter of CAPAL performing career research or issues related to collective agreements in their coursework, we welcome anyone who wishes to use it.

What is a collective agreement?

According to the Dictionary of Human Resource Management, a collective agreement is:

a written or oral agreement between an employer and trade union that is the product of collective bargaining and allows for the joint regulation of the employment relationship. Collective agreements can specify the substantive rules that govern the terms and conditions of employment and can also determine procedural rules governing the behaviour and interaction of managers, workers, and trade unions.

Academic librarians’ collective agreements are important resources for LIS students performing career research and for recent graduates seeking employment. They often describe pay scales of librarians, rights for parental leave, the nature of academic freedom in the workplace, and expectations for research and professional service.

“How can I benefit from a collection of collective agreements?”

Since this is the only collection of its kind in Canada, it offers some unique benefits to students. We’ve created numerous suggestions on how to use the collection for courses and employment research.

When using this collection to make important decisions about careers, be sure to consult the appropriate union or human resource office to obtain the most current agreement and other supporting documents, such as Letters of Understanding. If there is a more recent agreement, please contact the responsible student librarian so the collection can be updated.

The collection may contain some errors. Errors can be reported to the responsible student librarian.

For additional details, see the collection development policy.

Collection Last Refreshed: December 16, 2013 – January 3, 2014


This collection was founded by Mark Weiler, Kara Blizzard, Annick Lapalme, and David Sirka.

The collection is maintained with the contributions of volunteers.


Heery, E., and Noon, M. (2009). A dictionary of human resource management. (2nd ed.). Oxford: Oxford University Press.


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