Collection Development Policy

Collection Development Policy

This policy was created: August 28, 2013
Last revision:  April 3, 2013
Last reviewed: April , 2013
Next review: September 17, 2014

To provide feedback for the next policy review or to be notified of policy changes, please contact the responsible student librarian

This policy pertains to the Collective Agreement Collection.

Purpose of the Collection: This collection is built for members of the University of Western Ontario Student Chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Academic Librarians (CAPAL). The purpose of the collection is to bring benefits to MLIS students. It does this by providing students with easy access to collective agreements to enrich their education and career research. It also benefits students aspiring to be academic librarians by facilitating discussions amongst the professional community.

Scope: This collection seeks to include all current collective agreements negotiated between post-secondary educational institutions and bargaining units, whether certified or voluntarily recognized, of which librarians, part-time or full-time, are members   By librarians, we are referring to people holding positions that require an ALA-accredited degree (e.g., MLIS). 

Responsible Student Librarian: Mark Weiler (mweiler2 AT uwo DOT ca) (As of January 2014)

Collection Goal: Exhaustive level (all collective agreements that apply to librarians at post-secondary educational institutions in Canada).

Current Strength: Research level (114 collective agreements applying to librarians from 128 universities, colleges, CGEPs, and post-secondary institutions)

Current Known Gaps: This collection presently does not indicate whether a collective agreement applies to part-time librarians. There are known gaps in collective agreements for community colleges. Also, many colleges affiliated with universities are not presently distinguished in the collection.

Selection: Collective agreements will be selected if they apply to librarians working at universities, colleges, or other post-secondary institutions.  Management terms of employment are currently out of scope of this collection because MLIS students and recent graduates are unlikely to need them for career research.

Sources: Post-secondary educational institutions have been drawn from the member lists of organizations including Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada and the Association of Canadian Community Colleges. Sources for collective agreements include the websites of the bargaining units representing librarians and human resource departments at post-secondary institutions.

Maintenance: To determine whether expired collective agreements have been renegotiated, sources for collective agreements will be examined on a periodic basis.

Deselection: When a renegotiated agreement is added to the collection, the older version will be removed.

Outreach: To promote this collection, the responsible student librarian will aim to notify on a semesterly basis the members and alumni of the UWO CAPAL Student Chapter and relevant UWO MLIS classes (e.g., LIS 9001, LIS 9005, & LIS 9630).  Members of the national CAPAL group will be reminded of the collection on at least an annual basis. To have a broader audience to provide alerts to new agreements, the student librarian will also promote to a wider audience.

Corrections, Omissions: This collection may contain errors, such as missing, outdated, or incorrect agreements. If you notice any, please contact the responsible student librarian.


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