How to Use the Collection

This page pertains to the Collective Agreement Collection.

Career Research

The collection can be used to support career research in various ways. For example, review collective agreements to familiarize yourself with the structure and language of agreements and to compare terms of employment among institutions of interest.

When using this collection to make important decisions about careers, be sure to consult the appropriate union office to obtain the most current agreement and other supporting documents, such as Letters of Understanding.  If a more recent agreement is available, please contact the responsible student librarian so the collection can be updated.

Course Work

The collection can support MLIS coursework in a number of ways. Here are some examples:

LIS 9001 Perspectives on Library and Information Science

  • Write a paper that compares how academic freedom is protected at two universities
  • Review agreements in the collection to supplement class discussions about collective agreements in libraries

LIS 9005 Managing and Working in Information Organizations

  • A group presentation that compares dispute resolution mechanisms in employment settings
  • A group presentation that examines organizational decision making within an academic library

LIS 9630 Academic Libraries

  • Consult collective agreements for a comparative essay on faculty status between two universities
  • Examine collective agreements for an essay on academic librarianship at community colleges

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