CAPAL regularly organizes events for its members. We facilitate tours, host lunches with librarians, plan workshops, and hold social events. We encourage members to attend other relevant information sessions on campus, particularly those presented by The Graduate Resource Centre.

Upcoming Events

  • UWO CAPAL Lunch with Librarian

Enjoy a Q&A with Jennifer Robinson, Director, Library and Learning Services, at Huron University College.

Jennifer is excited to field any questions you may have about the ins and outs as a Library Director, working at an academic library, and her involvement with Western Libraries and Huron University College.

Bring your lunch and join us at noon tomorrow, June 18th, in the boardroom of the Grad Club, Middlesex College.

Past Events

April 2015

  • UWO CAPAL Resume Workshop

On Friday April 10, CAPAL Western Chapter held a resume workshop with academic librarians! 20 MLIS students were able to get great feedback and guidance on how to make their resume stand out from the crowd. Thanks to all our academic librarians who kindly donated their time!

March 2015

  • UWO CAPAL toured Western’s Music Library

Brian McMillian, Director of the Music Library at Western had UWO CAPAL over for a visit on March 25th. Brian delivered a tour of the Music Library on the second floor of Talbot College, as well as the Choral/ Band/ Orchestral Collection which is located downstairs. He provided insight on some of the challenges of working with a small space, and with a unique collection. Brian also shared some of the upcoming projects he and his team hope to work on.

February 2015

  • UWO CAPAL held it’s first Lunch with Librarian session for the term

LWLBrian McMillan, Director of the Music Library here at Western came by the Grad Club on February 10th to speak with students interested in Academic or Music Librarianship. Brian shared experiences from his education, to his first job, to his position as the Director of the Music Library. Students took advantage of the opportunity to ask questions and left with a lot of applicable advice about job searching, interviewing, and professional development. Thanks for generously offering us your time Brian!

January 2015

  • Winter 2015 CAPAL kickoff meeting

It was great to see lots of turnout to our first meetings of the Winter 2015 semester

December 2014

  • UWO CAPAL’s first Student-Librarian Mixer

On Friday Dec. 5, the Western chapter held a social event at the Morrissey House in London, where chapter members and librarians working at Western were able to mix and mingle. In all, 3 librarians and 8 student members attended, which was a perfect number for everyone to chat and get to know each other. We hope to make this an end-of-term tradition!

November 2014

  • UWO CAPAL toured the Map and Data Library

On November 25th UWO students visited the Map and Data Library located in Weldon. Cheryl, Elizabeth, and Christine provide a tour and an overview of the day-to-day tasks of a map or data librarian, as well as the experience of moving a collection and designing a new space. If you haven’t visited the Map and Data Centre you should definitely check it out.

October 2014

  • UWO student members enjoyed our first event since reactivating the chapter this term.

Courtney Waugh, Research and Instructional Services Librarian at Weldon Library was incredibly generous with her time over lunch on Thursday, Oct. 9, where we were able to chat with her about her experience working as an academic librarian.  Courtney provided very insightful and constructive advice, which all attendees agreed added great “real world” context to what is taught in-class in our program.  Thanks again to Courtney!  We’re busy planning over events this term and into next that should be equally as productive and engaging.

  • We are pleased to announce our first event of the semester!


Enjoy your lunch with a Q&A with Courtney Waugh, Research and Instructional Services Librarian at Weldon Library and CAPAL Student Ambassador for the UWO Chapter.

Courtney is excited to field any questions you may have about the ins and outs of being a research and instruction librarian, working at an academic library, and her involvement with CAPAL.

Join us at noon on Oct. 9 in the boardroom of the Grad Club, Middlesex College.


September 2013

  • Lunch Talk with Former Academic Co-op Students
    Monday, September 23, 12:00 – 12:45 in the Grad Club

    Come to the Grad Club at noon to listen and discuss co-op experiences with fellow MLIS students

August 2013

  • Tour of Fanshawe College Library
    Thursday, August 8, 12:30 p.m
    Library director Martie Grof-Ianelli led members on a guided tour of the Fanshawe College library, and she highlighted some of the differences for librarians in university and college culture.

  • End of Semester Social
    Thursday, August 1, 8:00 p.m
    CAPAL members met for a Summer Social to celebrate a busy semester that was filled with lots of curricular and extracurricular learning experiences!

July 2013

    • Webinar Session – Libraries as Publishers (hosted by Scholars Portal)
      Wednesday, July 31, 11:00 a.m
      CAPAL members will be meeting to watch a webinar on libraries and scholarly publishing. Following the webinar, members will have a lunch discussion to demystify scholarly publishing. 

    • Camtasia Workshop
      Friday, July 26, 12:00 p.m
      MLIS student Matt Barabash explained and demonstrated Camtasia software for CAPAL members. Matt showed members various Camtasia features for producing online library tutorial videos. 

    • LibGuides Workshop
      Friday, July 19, 12:00 p.m
      MLIS students Kara Blizzard and Liz Gagnon explained what LibGuides are and how they work. They demonstrated the process of creating a custom guide for an academic library.

    • Tour of Library Information Resources Management department at UWO
      Thursday, July 18, 12:00 p.m
      CAPAL members went on a tour of Elborn College, discovering how academic libraries operate behind the scenes. Knowledge Management Librarian Leanne Olson led attendees through cataloging procedures and the functional and technical challenges involved with database management. The head of the Interlibrary Loans department, Joan Kammerer, described the inter-library loan process.

  • Lunch with Librarians Series: Unionization
    Friday, July 12, 12:00 p.m
    UWO librarians Linda Dunn and Elizabeth Burton joined us for a stimulating discussion about unionization and collective bargaining. In 2004, librarians and archivists at Western became officially represented by the University of Western Faculty Association. 

June 2013

  • Lunch with a Librarian
    LIS doctoral candidate Cameron Hoffman joined us for our first Lunch with Librarians session, where he discussed his past experiences as an academic librarian. Cameron offered attendees some excellent tips and professional advice regarding the field of academic librarianship.
  • Access Copyright Discussion
    CAPAL students met at the Grad Club for lunch and informal discussion about recent developments in Access Copyright at Western. The implications of Canada’s fair dealing clause on academic librarianship were also examined.

  • Webinar Session
    CAPAL members met to watch a webinar about “Trusted Digital Repositories.” The webinar can be accessed here.

May 2013

  • Research Data Centre Tour
    Western Librarian Vince Gray and Statistics Canada Research Analyst Bradley Corbett gave CAPAL student members a tour of the Research Data Centre in the Social Sciences Centre. 

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